• The White Ted Baker Dress Chronicles

    Fashion Blogger in Ted Baker

    I have been feeling an extreme attraction towards white lately. The little white dress has become the one item missing from my wardrobe, something I needed to remedy with this little Ted Baker number. White looks good with my natural black hair and if you may wonder why I have been hesitating; the answer is easy, I am widely known as a stain magnet. When a white material touches my body, something-someone-somewhere, a feather touch and the white, well isn’t white any longer. With time I have decided to treat my phobia with white materials but I still cringe when I spot people wear snow-white sneakers.

    Let’s discuss for a change the elephant in the room; the Ted Baker dress which sadly has sold out without me realizing otherwise I would have posted the pictures long ago. Although people would direct message me on Instagram the dress isn’t available on Asos, Zalando and Ted Baker itself. No wonder, if you ask me again, the likes of this masterpiece haven’t been noted on another garment before, the emboidery blooms, and the three cute bows won me over, I had to keep it, had to!

    We haven’t shooted new pictures in three weeks, Max and I are going through a serious withdrawal face and the photography addiction is kicking in. Half way through unpacking we are beyond excited to shoot in our new city, Frankfurt. Although we haven’t ventured much outdoors, at first glance Frankfurt seems a bizzare city. Let me explain, although I believe I will be writing in details in the future; there are two things we have noticed; The architecture is a huge contradiction on itself, on our grocery shopping trip Max commented wow this street feels like Paris. Two blocks downtown I commented wow this feels like New York! The second best thing noticable is, fruits and vegetables are delicious here. Fresh produce is mainly imported from France as appose to Spain in Bavaria, there is a noticable difference in taste something we are extremely happy about.

    I am wearing Ted Baker dress sold out but this (here), (here) and (here) are just as unique

    Clarks Sandals old, similar (here), (here) and (here)

    Aigner bag in taupe on SALE (here), mauve (here) and blue (here)

    Skagen watch (here)

    CHIFFON BRIDESMAID DRESSES UK Fashion Blogger in Ted Baker Fashion Blogger in Ted BakerFashion Blogger in Ted Baker Fashion Blogger in Ted BakerFashion Blogger in Ted Baker Fashion Blogger in Ted Baker Fashion Blogger in Ted Baker Fashion Blogger in Ted Baker Fashion Blogger in Ted Baker



    1. Jo
      August 9, 2017 / 9:56 am

      Wow! Soo pretty, soo you. I love it.
      I agree. Snow white sneakers. Yuk!
      I wonder if those people do any work. Have a Life even.
      Kisses, Jo.

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