• Interview with Haute Couture Jewelry Designer Meghna Patel

    ittle black dress night out outfit

    I have the pleasure of introducing you my favorite jewelry designer Meghna Patel, founder of Meghna Jewels today on the blog. Meghna and I got to know each-other through Instagram and her creations are vibrant, intricate and unique to say at least. Based in Chicago but raised in India, Megna founded her jewelry line in 2011 and ever since her designs have been featured in top fashion journals such as Elle, Vogue, and Bride.  To appease my curiosity I’ve asked Megna few questions and if you guys would like to know more behind her inspiration please comment in the section below.

    Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

    “I get constant inspiration for my designs from anything that I fall in love with at first sight. It could be a beautiful place, a painting or a fabric with unique motif which I can later incorporate into my jewelry. I’ve traveled to many places and appreciate beauty in nature, architectural details and all those travel memories reflect in my pieces. I always keep a book and pencil with me as you never know when you may get an idea and want to capture the idea at that very moment. Other times it might come later as we treasure those memories. It’s like you don’t know when you will strike that cord of a new design idea.”

    How has your childhood influenced you as a designer?

    “For the first 15 years of my life, I grew up in India. My heritage plays a big influence on my collection. I was always surrounded with vibrant colors and intricate details. I saw my mum wearing sari’s handwoven with intricate details. I like using vibrant gemstones and creating striking color combination is a big part of my jewelry line. I don’t have a technical background or formal training in making jewelry.  My mind is my canvas and I love playing dress up as you can really let your imagination go wild and pretty much visualize your designs before you even make it.”

    How do you want someone to feel when they wear your designs?

    “I want her to feel confident. The women who buy my jewelry don’t necessarily follow trends but rather have their own individual style and don’t need anyone’s approval. She is confident in the way she carries herself as she has her own unique sense of style. Trends don’t define you, what defines you is your own individual style.”

    What’s the One piece of jewelry you have designed that you hold closer to your heart?

    “I would say it’s the interlocking Claw Ruby Earrings. It’s suspended to create motion in the earring. It’s close to my heart as it is something unique and fierce. I sketched  this earring first and the rest of the pieces followed in Claw Collection.”

    What drives you to keep creating new and exciting designs?

    “Creativity drives me to do more. I feel that we can always thrive to do better. I love the creative process of designing each piece from original sketch to final piece. I visualize an image of the piece before I even make it. The most exciting part is being able to see your creation from sketch to CAD. I want to empower woman and want them to feel beautiful and confident wearing my jewelry. I believe that, across all cultures, jewelry is what completes any outfit and that every detail in design should be specific and deliberate. My pieces are the product of my imagination and things that inspire me in everyday life. I want to design jewelry that captivates women’s heart and soul.”


    ittle black dress night out outfit

    All women need a bit of glamour in their lives and Meghna Jewels tell a story, which will not let you go unnoticed. Truly jewelry has this little power to make you feel unique and how we all need that little something to carry on in life, don’t we?! Follow MeghnaJewels on Instagram and get 15% off with coupon code ”tbymallano” and for signing up to her newsletter https://www.meghnajewels.com/, Meghna offers the chance to win a $500 Gift card.

    I am wearing the Myra earrings (here)

    Maje Ravi dress ON SALE (here)

    Zara Satin Embellished shoes (here)

    Zara Clutch Old

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    1. August 31, 2017 / 2:39 pm

      HI T! the dress and earrings were meant to be worn together. Great pairing.

    2. August 31, 2017 / 5:16 pm

      I love finding out about Meghna Patel! What an amazing pair of statement earrings 🙂 I will check more designs, maybe I find something too, I love statement jewellery a lot lately! These ones suit you so great! <3

    3. Jojo
      September 6, 2017 / 7:31 am

      My childhood influenced me greatly. And when little, loved to play dress up, too.
      As a designer, there`s always a need to create something new, even if, it`s just on paper.
      I always have on me a pencil and notebook to sketch and write.
      I love that dress, Tatjana. And the earrings.They are soo you.

      • tbymallano
        September 6, 2017 / 2:19 pm

        I’ve always admired people who are creative. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I started my blog. Creativity had always been missing from my life, until now that is. Happy you like the post and my dress Jojo:)

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