• Visiting TnT Palais in Frankfurt

    tnt palais frankfurt

    When Luis decided to visit us in Frankfurt, we knew The Musem of History is just the place to keep him entertained. We tried to wake up early on a beautiful Sunday morning, with emphasis at ”tried”. Cluelessly we walked in the TnT Palais and the musem visiting plans, shifted on the background. Being quite early in the morning the place hadn’t been ready to accept guests but the personel was extremely kind and let us walk the facility and snap a few pictures to share with you.

    The TnT Palace enjoys a history of 300 years, built by the noble family Thurn and Taxis. Baroque architecture and the modern architecture of the skyscraper create a surreal imageĀ  but that’s Frankfurt to you friends. Max and I often share moments ”WAIT, WHAT?” discovering our new city, the combination of architecture style is bizzare, to say at least. I could go on and explain to you how important historically the building itself is but I am sure you aren’t interested in that, probably a YouTube video will give you a better introduction to history and the atmosphere, promise to take you guys with me next time!

    It’s worth mentioning however, the building had been bombed completely during WWII and enjoys its original state since 2011. The complex offers a restaurant, a bar with occationaly life music and a cafe with a gigantic library. Need I say more? If life brings you to Frankfurt add TnT to the list of MUST VISIT places.

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    1. Jojo
      September 8, 2017 / 2:37 pm

      That so many beautiful buildings including, churches, cathedrals,museums and libraries were destroyed in two World wars, is a tragedy. That so many were rebuilt to their original design is a marvel. it humbles me, and gives me faith in Humankind.

      I love the way that scarf/tie goes about your waist, and the little bag is rather pretty, too.
      Love, Jojo xx

    2. Jojo
      September 11, 2017 / 6:53 am

      It certainly is a beautify place. And like so many other places, had to be rebuilt from the ground up,
      after two World Wars destroyed them. I always marvel at how, in the the rebuilding, they look as if
      nothing had ever happened to them.
      A lovely outfit, T. I love how the pretty tie around your waist goes with that cute bag.
      Love, Jojo

      • tbymallano
        September 11, 2017 / 8:08 pm

        Happy you liked the outfit Jo:) I had been wondering the same when I lived close to Nuremberg. The city had been 90% bombed, nothing remained the same but as they built everything from scatch following older architecture plans and pictures.

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