• 10 Fashion Brands I Discovered on Instagram

    I draw a huge amount of inspiration from Instagram. Most times I honestly wonder why am I even on Instagram, considering the way to platform treats its users. However, If I let my personal aspirations aside, there are good moments on Instagram as well. In those moments, the beauty of photography and creativity touches my heart and in those moments I know exactly why I love this platform so much.

    I am addicted to discovering new fashion brands. The excitement of locating somewhere in the world a creative personality, who is not staggered by the huge competition but pursue relentlessly their dreams, inspires and touches me. Friends today on the blog I am sharing with you 10 fashion brands I discovered on Instagram, few sentences about their story and my personal favorites from their current collections.

    1. MiaMoltrasio (@miamoltrasio), one of my favorite shoe brands at the moment, handmade by shoe artisans in the heart of Italy, Lake Como. A clique of talented women, connoisseurs in shoe designs and luxurious materials create shoes for the modern woman who aims to impress. Ladies, the shoes come with matching socks, need I say more?! My favorite designs are this velvet pointy flats in blue-green (here), this rose round flats (here) and the gray satin pointy flats (here).
    2. CiaoLucia (@ciao__lucia) is a clothing brand created in 2017 in Los Angeles. The designer Lucy Akin creates fabulous clothing for the girl on eternal vacation. Light materials, flirty designs, CiaoLucia is a brand we will see everywhere next summer, trust me! My favorite pieces are the Allegra top in metallic (here), Carlotta skirt (here) and Coco Brief bikini (here).
    3. VeryTroubledChild (@verytroubledchild) founded in 2013 by Alberto Favaretto, takes pride in creating unique travel bags and personalized leather accessories. The birds of feather bag nr. 5 in green (here) and blue (here), are very high on my current shopping wishlist.
    4. LuciaBerruto (@luciaberutto_eu) premium sleepwear, although the brand designs luxurious sleepwear since the 50s known as LuciaBerruto Milano, their newest line LuciaBerruto Chic is exceptionally impressive. The brand designs sleepwear, loungewear and outerwear, thin lines separating the dress code between private and the outside world. The LuciaBerruto women, walk the waking-world dressed with the comfort of sleepwear. Isn’t that a dream?! Although it’s hard to choose my favorite designs are this silk long pajama (here), the silk lace babydoll (here) and the polka long silk pajama (here).
    5. Minois (@minoismagic) is a bit of a mistery, the brand hasn’t been launched yet but I get butterflies in my stomach each time I see a new update on their Instagram. New era handbag, a hybrid between fashion and technology. Have I piqued your interest already?
    6. MeghnaJewels (@meghnajewels), my love for Meghna’s jewels is familiar to you guys through our interview post (here). My favorite pieces are the Myra earrings (here), the Bora-Bora earrings (here) and the diamond claw ring (here).
    7. Valextra (@valextra) luxury handbags have been around since the 30s but the brand has been shining with this season’s designs. My favorite handbags are the Iside Kimono bag (here), Brera backpack (here) and the minimalistic waller in lobster red (here).
    8. ZacdeGal (@zacdegal)is a jewelry brand made in Greece and a favorite of mine since the beginning of this blog. The brand has an Etsy shop with unique, fine jewelry for the woman who likes to feel loved and special. I love this ring (here) and (here) as well as the drop earrings (here)
    9. Bonsoir of London (@boinsoiroflondon) is a British brand which celebrates the Bonsoir era when the fashionable hosts celebrated in their luxurious loungewear. The brands have a long craftsmanship history in pajama designs for both women and men. My favorite pieces are this silk gown (here), silk pajamas (here) for her. These pajamas (here) and (here) for him.
    10. Last but not least the Gui.Bag.Natural create straw handbags, the most popular inexpensive summer bags of 2017. The bags are made in Turkey in different shapes, size, and colors.


    1. September 20, 2017 / 5:10 pm

      I like you selection of brands, especially the shoes from Mia Moltrasio… They remind me very much of the dance shoes I wore as a child xx

      You mention that Instagram as a platform do not treat the users very well… What did you mean by that ? Maybe there is something that I do not know ?

      Aggie xx

      • tbymallano
        September 20, 2017 / 9:49 pm

        Beautiful shoes, can’t wait to order mine for autumn. Regarding Instagram I have a feeling the platform has changed so much. It’s very hard to grow nowdays and it seems they are moving mainly towards paid promotions, which is sort of disappointing honestly. But then as I wrote sometimes you come accross such creative brands and talented people that it makes it all worth it:)

        • September 21, 2017 / 12:21 pm

          You are very correct… Growing Instagram is difficult and frustrating at times but I like to share what I am passionate about so will continue with my work xx
          As for paying for reposting is not something I am interested in but I seems like an easy way forward…

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