• How to Wear a Jumpsuit if you are a Petite?

    When I was younger I was totally obsessed with my hight. I would always be so very careful of the length of my dresses and skirts. My heels would always be hight and oh I shall not forget the high hairdo to add those much needed centimeters to my body. As I grow older (and happier) I have found my way around wearing everything I want my own way. From midi dresses to palazzo jumpsuit, flat shoes and high heels, there is a huge variety of everything in my wardrobe.

    Take for example this jumpsuit from Massimo Dutti; I was sure that it will reach me until the angle as opposed to above the angle as seen on the model (here). I made peace with the fact and I worked my way around it, as it’s such a beautiful garment, a nice addition to everyone’s wardrobe. If you are a petite (157cm)  like me please stop thinking that certain clothes don’t fit our body. There is always a way to corporate a difficult style into your wardrobe. Take for example my jumpsuit, when it arrived home, I tried it with high heels sandals, nude pumps but nothing worked as well as my new flats from Mia Maltrosio. The reason for that is because it seemed as if I tried to hard to hide my imperfections instead of accentuating them. Instead of high heels, my adorable flats complemented the blush of the jumpsuit even better.

    I am wearing Massimo Dutti jumpsuit (here)

    Mia Moltrasio flats (here)

    Ted Baker bag old, similar (here)

    MessyWeekend sunglasses (here)

    *with the code ‘tbymallano’ get 20% off mysunglasses

    I have found some more jumpsuits for you like this one (here) as seen on my friend Miki (here). This eyelet blush from Winston White (here) and this white piece fro a brand called re: named (here). People Tree an ethical brand I mensioned on this post (here), has two jumpsuits (here) and (here) that I absolutely love.

    how to wear a jumpsuit if you are a petite



    1. April 28, 2018 / 1:21 pm

      This post was really written for me! I am also petite and when I was younger it was my insecurity (still sometimes but not as before) and my weakness. I would limit myself in my choices of wearing things. Now I really wear what I like. Last winter I bought my first real long coat which I would have never worn in the past as I thought I would drown in it :p Would love to add a classy jumpsuit like yours to my closet 🙂 You look amazing girl! xx

    2. May 2, 2018 / 9:33 am

      So so so beautiful. i struggle to find jumpsuits to fit my height! I find that looking for petite sections always helps. xxx

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