• The Italian Shoe Brand You Need to Know About

    blogger wearing lilimill sandals

    I ADORE shoes; if I could, I would buy a pair of shoes every single month, a fact I talked about in this video (here). I was jokingly saying to Max the other day that I really want to learn how to make shoes. Spent hours thereafter on the internet searching for local workshops that can teach me the basics, without much success. This is how I came upon this Italian shoe brand called Lilimill. My Google searching wasn’t for naught after all!

    Lilimill shoes are handmade, in Italy. The designs are elegant, simple but with a twist. Attention to detail is noticeable and the quality is simply amazing. For my German readers, Lilimill is available at Zalando (here). For the international readers, Lilimill is available in their online store (here) and Amazon (here)

    To date I own only the Rubina sandals that I wore for the first time last weekend in Wiesbaden, they come in khaki (here) and yellow (here) as well. The sandals have a 5,5 cm heel but feel so comfortable that the heel isn’t even noticeable. Some of my favorite models are these flat sandals (here), and these (here) that are very similar to what I own.

    If you follow me on Instagram (here), you know how much I love Wiesbaden. Max and I try frequently to discover different neighborhoods of the city, as we plan to move there sometime in the future.

    On a Sunday morning, the city was extremely quiet, with few people jogging in the parks. One thing we miss the most here in Frankfurt is the parks, especially in the neighborhood where we live. After parking our car, we walked until close to the city center, had a coffee and cakes in a wonderful cafe, and wandered some more. Wiesbaden is a city, structured for walking, so many pretty corners that I can’t resist. There are so many pictures of this city on my computer that I look forward to sharing with you here on the blog.

    blogger wearing lilimill sandalsblogger wearing lilimill sandalsblogger wearing lilimill sandalsblogger wearing lilimill sandals blogger wearing lilimill sandals blogger wearing lilimill sandals blogger wearing lilimill sandals blogger wearing lilimill sandals


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    1. Jo
      June 21, 2018 / 2:20 pm

      I remember many of the towns in Germany being like the ones read to me in farytail stories. And where you are is no exception. Simply beautiful.
      As for shoes. Well I’m a bit of a collector, too. I can’t resist a pair of well made shoes. The types that can be repaired.
      As usual, Max’s photos are stunning; so too, is that pretty dress you are wearing. It is soo you.
      Jojo xx

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