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    how we take the pictures for the blog

    Our photography journey that started for more than a two years ago has taught us so many things about the world and ourselves. This post isn’t about the technical aspect of our photography, after all, we are not professionals and I am sure there so many more informative resources on the internet for that. Today I would like to talk to you guys about what lies in the heart of what we are doing how the different stages we have been through in terms of the learning process.

    Max and I decided to start this hobby together in order to add some creativity into our lives. I am not going to lie when I say that we started with big dreams. Two years ago social media was so popular (still is!) and we thought that this could at some point support itself financially without having us spend money from our own salaries. That, of course, is very far from our current reality and I personally am very happy to have overcome that disappointment phase that sucked all the creativity out of us. The last 6 months have been so enjoyable!

    Taking pictures on the weekends of my outfits, and documenting all our trips with our Sony gives us so much joy! Max loves morning light and I adore beautiful architecture, so needless to say that by now are eyes are trained to the beauty that surrounds us. I always tell Max how much photography has beautified our lives, it truly has! You might think that perhaps this obsession with beauty has turned us into snobs, honestly no, I see beauty everywhere. Especially in the simple and mundane aspects of life.

    We’ve been through different stages with editing our pictures, for example, this year at some point I though over-editing and altering our pictures could be something for us, see on this post (here) and (here).

    As we grow wiser, we want our photography to be a reflection of our personalities, we like simple and natural photography. There are very few things I will edit, perhaps bring down the greens, add grain and warmth and regulate the shadows. Our surroundings play such a huge role in our pictures, beautiful architecture and clean streets are so important to us that often we even drive a few kilometers to achieve what we want.

    I wouldn’t want to end this post without adding sharing with you guys how much this journey has changed us as a couple. At first, Max was hating it and he suffered with me in the cold just for my sake. To this day he has developed a love for it, a fact you can realize by how much our photography has improved. At times though I thought this was testing to us as a couple. We would disagree about things like locations, color clashing. As you may realize what we do is complex and two of us need to coordinate and be in good mood, otherwise, it doesn’t work. We have learned so many things about ourselves, made us grow individually and as a couple.


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    1. August 18, 2018 / 6:54 am

      Such a lovely post, my dear T! I really admire your work as a team and one can tell throughout the images you post how much the both of you have improved from the beginning. Everytime one of your photos pops up in my feed I fall deeply in love with them. And everytime, when I think I found my personal favorite, I have to change my mind short after because you have outdone yourselves once again. Honestly: congrats on the wonderful work you do!
      Sending you lots of love,

    2. Jojo
      August 19, 2018 / 9:29 am

      My words can only echo those of katharina. The combination of fantastic photograph, beautiful settings, and an eye for the most pretty dresses makes T by Mallano the loveliest of sites to visit.
      Love, Jojo xx

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