• Pleated Skirt with Metallic Finish for Autumn

    pleated skirt for autumn

    We are back from our mini getaway to the Dolomites, South Tyrol. The trip was short and sweet and although we were there only three days it felt like a week. Time passes so slowly in nature, don’t you think?! I have been sharing with you little posts on my Instagram like this one (here) and (here) but I definitely plan to add all the wonderful pictures we took during the trip here on the blog as well.
    The start of October has been so amazing in terms of the weather. Although the mornings are cold, towards midday the sun is shining bright and it gets wonderfully warm. The temperatures are definitely cooler in comparison to summer, and so my daily looks have been shifted towards warmer materials and colors.
    The color green in the shade olive green has always been a favorite. Naturally, I had to pick this pleated skirt from Daisy Dreams to add to my wardrobe. The skirt has a metallic finish to it that flirts with the light and adds some more glam to my otherwise casual outfit. The skirt comes in several different colors, I am wearing dusty olive (here), but I find dusty blue (here), grey (here) very pretty as well. Especially if you tend to wear darker colors in autumn and winter, consider adding any of these to brighten up your look.
    pleated skirt for autumnpleated skirt for autumnpleated skirt for autumn
    Instagram has been my main content sharing platform these past couple of months. Although I have so much content to share on the blog I never seem to find the time to update the blog. A mistake that I hope to overcome in the near future as my dream/plan is to update the blog at least once a week.
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    pleated skirt for autumn pleated skirt for autumn

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    1. Jojo
      October 13, 2018 / 6:54 am

      I’m amazed that those lovely pleats don’t get crumpled and creased.. They used to be a nightmare to iron.

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