• How to Deal With Acne In Your Thirties

    How to deal with acne in your 30s


    My acne prone skin is a thorn on my side, it has been like that for years now. Only people who have been through acne would understand how the condition of your skin it affects your psychology. With the passing of years, though I have accepted these skin problems of mine and it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. Perhaps life has set other priorities and maybe I have become better at taking care of skin.

    The second part made me write this post today as I have finally found some amazing products that have helped me tremendously to improve my skin complexion. Let me start right at the beginning; summer is never a good time for acne prone skin so when I traveled to Seville, see posts (here) and (here), I got the chance to test the travel set of a new to me skincare brand called Aesthetico (here).  The product that caught my attention was the Active Foam (here), back at the time I was using extensively Widmer Acne Plus cream (here) and I had patches of red and dry skin on the cheeks and chin. The Active Foam had a gentle-cleansing effect on my skin and once the travel set run out I bought the normal size right away.
    I became very curious about the brand and took the skin test  (unfortunately is only in German) and I was recommended several new to me products that I  have been testing over a month, link to the test (here). Each product has a defined timeline that I sort of adjusted to fit my lifestyle. Read below how and when I use each product.


    How to deal with acne in your 30s


    I have an early start into the day, I wake up at 6 am and leave for work at 06:45, for that I have created a simple but easy to stick to a skincare routine. My mornings will always start with the Active Foam cleanser, followed by Clarify Skin moisturizing light gel cream product (here). The product boosts skin’s barriers with lots of good ingredients like canola oil and Vitamin E. Plus it really wears well under makeup!


    How to deal with acne in your 30s


    My evening routine, however, is the time that I truly show my skin proper love. It does take me 30 minutes but I find pleasure in following these simple and rewarding steps. After removing my makeup with Micellar water, I will wash my face with lukewarm water and Active Foam Cleanser to really melt off the rest of makeup and mascara. With a clean cotton pad wet with Face Tonic Water (here), I gently go over my skin in a circular motion to really remove all traces of makeup. Often I repeat this step until the cotton pad comes out white. After my skin is dry I apply the product Fruit Complex (here) on my face, neck, and back where I have also some acne. What this product does is remove impurities and rough skin patches. It has hyaluronic acid as well that makes the skin smooth and tight. After the product has been absorbed, that takes 2-3 minutes I gently press on my skin the de-gloss serum solution (here). This miracle of a product is made of bioactive plant substances for balancing and matting the skin. I always end up applying Clarify Skin right before I go to bed and trust be all these amazing products make my skin feel baby smooth in the mornings.


    How to deal with acne in your 30sHow to deal with acne in your 30s How to deal with acne in your 30s How to deal with acne in your 30sHow to deal with acne in your 30s

    Thank you for reading this post. Please share it in case that you know somebody that suffers from acne. Sharing is caring!

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