• How To Spice Up Your Handbag Collection

    I tell you guys a lot about my love for shoes, however, you will rarely see me talking about my handbags. You see, I belong to that category of women that enjoys wearing handbags only for the sake of practicality. In fact, often let Max carry my phone and wallet and go without a handbag.

    I see many coveted handbags at the moment, they sell out immediately and everyone seems to be wearing on my Instagram. However 6 months later the trends have completely changed and everyone has jumped into the next trend wagon. I grew up with a mother that owned one handbag most of her life, I carry that sort of mentality with me and I wear my bags till they look ridiculously worn out. I understand that not everyone feels that way regarding handbags and more often than not one grows tired of wearing over and over the same item. An easy way to spice up your handbags is by replacing their current straps with a new up. My favorite thing to do is matching and mismatching the straps to suit my outfit of the day and even add a pop of color like today’s strap from Retach.

    I got to know about Retach through their IG (here), and I was impressed with the craftsmanship and the philosophy of the brand. I’m wearing the Dream Called Dream strap today (here), and I love how that pop of color adds a little something to an otherwise boring outfit. I decided to add the strap to my beloved round Kate Spade shoulder bag as the previous chain was thin and often that bag would revert and tangle with my clothes.

    I am wearing Asos coat (here), Topshop satin skirt (here), Kate Spade bag old, similar (here), Perlato boots (here), The Fifth Laber jumper (here).

    how to spice up your handbag collection

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