• Beach Must Haves

    One must agree that waking up with such view is a luxury in life. Especially when that someone gets to see it once or twice a year. Coming from a Mediterranian country, suntan, is the…

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    Thoughts on style

    According to Oxford dictionary style is a particular procedure by which something is done, a manner or a way. Thank you Oxford dictionary for giving the exact introduction I was looking for.Now dear readers there…

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    I will never ever

    You know the drill, the secret list each of us has, with things we will never do, eventually we come to reminisce because astonishingly guess what…? As a wise person once told me (in truth,…

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    The sea and the girl

    I want to make a stop here and talk to you about the castle on the picture below-The Castle of Ali Pasha Tepelena, an Albanian ruler, who served the Ottoman empire in the Pashalik of…

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    Berat-City of Thousand Windows

    Although M. has been to Albania 4 times, flying to Tirana airport was a first, for both of us. Picking up our bright-red Ford Fiesta rented vehicle we were happily on the road again. M.…

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