• The one when we missed the plane

    Firstly, I have to excuse myself for my absence. M. and I were visiting my family in Albania and the internet was not easily accessible. Can’t wait to show you all the pictures we took.…

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    The myths about SPFs

    Summer is around the corner dear readers (even for those living in Germany)  and with today’s post, I would like to elucidate all the myths about sun creams. They consist mainly of organic and inorganic…

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    Sunny Holidays

    Picture via Pinterest While one would never argue about the beauty of holidays next the sea, today’s inspirational post is more about milder summer holidays. When the sun does not feel scorching hot and sightseeing…

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    Downpour and flashbacks

    I must admit the favourite part of blogging for me is when M. is handing over the photos and I can sit down and write. For instance, I feel so grateful at the moment because…

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    By the river

    There is a very interesting area in my city with beautiful old, deserted constructions by the river bank. Curiosity is eating me alive every time I run across the bridge with only short-sighted sneak-peeks through…

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