• Summer Memories

    One of my cherished memories from my childhood is when school season would come to an end, and my mother would open our clothing chest. I used to beg her to bring the operation on…

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    Summer in the city

    I might just go ahead and say, I think summer is finally here. The anticipation for this season and contentment  feels nearly tangible. Never had I thought  that I would equally enjoy summers far from…

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    The art of not caring

    I strongly believe there are certain situations where one has to purposely and purposefully estrange itself from situations, why not even people, to function properly. Frankly I haven’t yet mastered the art of not caring.…

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    A whiff of scents

    Light and sound the stimuli for vision and hearing are well described and precisely through quantitate parameters such as wavelength and frequencies. Scents are different, though. We can describe them only by comparison with scents…

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    Need I say more about the beauty of Prague? Better allow the pictures to relay the statement. Here are some facts of our spontaneous trip to Prague: It was packed with tourist. I declare myself…

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