• Orange is the New Black

    Orange might have been the color of 2015 but for me is an all time favourite. It is vibrand, daring. Suits to all kind of skin tones and adds some much-needed  natural glow. Orange symbolizes…

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    On My Way

    I had every intention to stay indoors on Sunday after the heavy brunch. The sun was blinding, though, through the drapeless windows of our living room and lemme tell you, dear readers. If the sun…

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    Sunday Brunch

    M. and  I rarely chose to eat elsewhere apart from home. We love the lengthy efforts it takes from picking the ingredients to preparing a meal. Today though we preferred to spoil ourselves and brunch…

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    Daisies and Citrus

    This summer is going to be scented with citrus and daisy’s fragrance dear readers. Dolce&Gabbana is paying homage to Italy with profound Mediterranian attributes. We’ve been clearly dictated to embrace our tender femine side and…

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    M. and I are both creatures of habits and routine and adopting a ritual at the weekend it does sound trivial to some but we enjoy it the most. We find it truly challenging to…

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