• Daisies and Citrus

    This summer is going to be scented with citrus and daisy’s fragrance dear readers. Dolce&Gabbana is paying homage to Italy with profound Mediterranian attributes. We’ve been clearly dictated to embrace our tender femine side and…

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    M. and I are both creatures of habits and routine and adopting a ritual at the weekend it does sound trivial to some but we enjoy it the most. We find it truly challenging to…

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    10 mundane steps to get you through a rough day

    Advice-giving has never really been one of my strong talents. Growing older, I’ve come to simply hate it. Nevertheless, nothing surpasses my dislike for books on advising you how to live your life. I’ve always…

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    Sun splendour

    It is finally Friday! The weather has been unexpectedly enjoyable in Germany and it has been truly challenging to accomplish anything. The transformation of nature from winter to spring happens in a blink of an…

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    Family affairs

    I hope you all have been having a great start to the new week. Monday had me first thing in the morning looking at the big blue eyes of my dentist. Not a pleasant start…

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