• Warsaw in one day

    Visiting a city for one day is extremely short by any standard. Here it is what I’ve learned about Warsaw and Polish people so far: 1. With 8 out of 10 buildings being completely demolished…

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    Show some shoulder

    Summer time clock has changed since yesterday, with that my mood has been improved and  I bet yours too. Can’t help but feel the need for new pieces in my wardrobe such as the one…

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    Simple things

    Chapter 6 It humbles me to realise how simple, inexpensive, effortless things or activities make people happy sometimes. May that be a bouquet of flowers, a box of chai tea or a walk in the…

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    Spring time o'clock

    Chapter 5   There is no joy without hardship they say. I have nothing to complain about on this beautiful day and I can’t help but be only appreciative of the warm sun rays caressing…

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    San Francisco

    A few months ago, before this blog had even existed I was blessed to visit San Francisco for the second time. My first encounter, sweet but short. This time, I had the pleasure of long…

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