• Rain droplets

    Chapter 4 Preliminary rain droplets hit me in the face once I step out of the front porch. I should get angry because all my efforts to tame my unruly, hair have been ruined. The…

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    Two Piece Outfits

    Chapter 2 Two piece outfits have been my obsession lately. Effortless stylish without breaking a sweat  on combination variations. Vintage and yet modern. So happy the trend is back.   1. The Zara top (here)…

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    How do you express yourself?

    Chapter 2 How do you express yourself? Someone asked me during my waitressing shift at 2 am. Back in a day when my routine consisted of attending lectures, laboratories and working part time to afford…

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    Into the blue

    Sun with razor teeth. That’s how we call the illusion of a sunny-shiny weather  back at home. In Iceland is called window weather, smart saying, isn’t it? This beautiful morning M. and I took our…

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