• Into the blue

    Sun with razor teeth. That’s how we call the illusion of a sunny-shiny weather  back at home.

    In Iceland is called window weather, smart saying, isn’t it?

    This beautiful morning M. and I took our new babe Sony a7 for a walk in the city park.
    He captured some photos of me and I reciprocated the favour by buying him a cup of coffee._DSC0150.jpg


    It’s  painfully cold, the temperature at the main square shows -2° C  confirming and justifying my complaints. Nevertheless, I had to take off my winter coat and take a few shots of one of my latest possession the Maje Romy dress. The material of this dress feels simply amazing. Most importantly it kept me warm throughout the day, which I much appreciate it.


    This is my first post and it feels strangely good to finally be able to start my blog.

    Thank you for passing by.







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