• Shoes of Prey for Spring

    Now that spring is right around the corner, I find myself always reaching for my slingback shoes. They are comfortable to wear especially on the days when the temperatures rise above 20°C. As they are…

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    What’s in my day bag?

    I am always curious what other women keep in their handbags. There are scattered quotes all around the internet about a woman’s handbags content being as vast as her soul. Judging from Max’s reaction everytime…

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    Discovering the Romantic Side of Germany; Rhine River Valley

    An hour drive outside Frankfurt, the Rhine river flows through the most dramatic landscapes this side of Germany has to offer. Hillsides decorated with vertical vineyards, dense forests and picturesque little villages along the way.…

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    Spring Shoes Trends 2018

    1/2/3/4/5/6/7 Spring is just around the corner, at least in my heart. The anticipation for the upcoming season has me going through my wardrobe with a checklist in hand, checking in the items I already…

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    BA&SH Burgundy Midi Dress for Winter

    I have a feeling winter weather wants us to pay for the mild temperatures of the past months, there is no other explanation for the freezing cold (but sunny and windy) temperatures we have been…

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